The Split-Impact heads are especially designed to be added or removed whenever your production needs varies.

  • Heads come fully equipped and ready to hook to the existing support racks
  • Racks are also fully equipped to accommodate the maximum capacity of heads
  • Heads are pre-programmed in the control panel, no programmer needed
  • Each heads has a split detection and control unit
  • Plug and play setup with the quick connect control cables



Each blocks manufacturer has their unique blocks design and many different productions, the
Split-Impact lets you keep your production flow by matching and splitting practically any block configurations board by board

  • BHS heads have been tested for over a million of splits

  • Ready to install
  • Split detection system
  • Can be stored easily within a minimum of space
  • Corner blocks capability : the head's knife can be rotated 90 degrees to accommodate different orientations and types of splits


Height: Up to 8" (203.2mm)

Regardless of the numbers of splits needed per board the Split-Impact will split instantly within a cycle time a complete board in 4 to 10 seconds (depending of the sequencing)
  • Lift and Twist System blades mechanism facilitates blade replacement without the need for tools

  • Different blades lengths and shapes are available